Pastor Joe Beecham celebrates birthday with inmates of Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital


Renowned Gospel Artiste, Pastor Joe Beecham is set to celebrate his birthday with inmates of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in Cape Coast on 15th October.

The ‘Se mekae a’ crooner who is famous for his exceptional song writing prowess is organising the ‘Sound Mind Project’ under the auspices of Joe Beecham Ministries, where he is the founder.

Revealing the intention behind the annual project which is in its second edition, Pastor Joe Beecham told The Chronicle that; “In 2012, I had a dream in New Jersey and in the dream, I saw a Doctor and a Bishop at a psychiatric hospital in Ghana. As I observed quietly, I saw the Bishop trying to convince the Doctor to stop taking care of the patients, insisting that they were out of their minds and were not useful again but the Doctor patiently explained to the Bishop how they were conscious of their environment and how they needed the best of care.”

He continued, “The doctor said you see how they are not eating their food, it is because they know they can tell the food is not good, then I heard a voice that said to me that they pray all the time to me and the only prayer they can say is “Jesus you are the hope of my life.”

“Suddenly I started singing in my dream a new song called the ‘Hope of my life.’  When I woke up from my dream, I had wet my pillow from when the dream started till when I woke up. Immediately I knew that I had to do something for my friends at the psychiatric hospital.”

So far, as part of the projects, he has painted a ward at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital.

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