Government To Implement E-Pharmacy Policy Before 2022 – VEEP


H.E The Vice President has announced that government will launch an E-Pharmacy policy to address challenges faced by the public in accessing medicines.

He stated that, members of the public sometimes find it very difficult accessing pharmacies in their respective areas. Sometimes they will have to spend long hours searching for pharmacies that has their prescribed medications.

Speaking about Ghana’s digital economy, at the Ashesi University on Tuesday, Dr Bawumia stated that the Pharmacy Council together with the private sector have been challenged to digitize the operations of pharmacies in Ghana.

“Basically, the digital E-Pharmacy platform will offer the opportunity to everyone through a mobile phone to upload your prescriptions and find out which pharmacies near you have the drugs. Secondly, you can compare the prices for the same drug offered by different pharmacies, so that you can buy from the lowest priced pharmacies.” He Stated.

He explained that the project, which will be launched before the year ends, is being operated with 45 pharmacies.

The Vice President also added that the public will be able to order and pay for the drugs through mobile money or GhQR (Scan and Pay).

“The medicines will then be delivered to customers at home through courier service basically known as delivery services.” He added.

Dr Bawumia said, among other things, the E-Pharmacy will address issues of drug abuse. He added that controlled drugs like Tramadol, will only be given a one-time code sent via SMS (once the prescription is uploaded) for use at the pharmacy.

“The E-Pharmacy platform will also check fake or counterfeit drugs because the platform will be linked to the FDA, which will monitor the batch numbers of all products in real time. Any drug for which the FDA does not have a batch number will be classified as fake,” the Vice President said.

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