It is wrong for MoMO Agents to send money on behalf of customers


The laws of Ghana only permit Mobile Money (MoMo) Agents to carry out only withdrawals and deposits (cash in and cash out).

Mr Kofi Asempa, the Atiwa East District Information Officer made this revelation on OM Radio’s Medaakye show.

According to the Information Officer, it is wrong for MoMo agents to receive money and send them on behalf of customers.

It is also wrong for customers to give out their monies to Mobile Money (MoMo) agents for them to send to another person on their behalf.

He called on momo users to rather deposit money and do the sending themselves through their own accounts.

“The laws of Ghana do not allow that individuals go to an agent for money transfer. It is illegal for agents to do this. The agents are very much aware that taking funds from a customer to transfer to the recipient is illegal”.

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